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Slideshow - Digital Signage

Milan Fabian
Android Version Icon5.1+
Android Version
4.6.1(14-10-2023)This is the latest version
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Description of Slideshow - Digital Signage

Using Slideshow you can show pictures, photos and videos to your customers using almost any Android tablet or Android box connected to TV - for free, without any hidden cost.

Turn your Android box, stick or TV into a Digital signage device and display sales material to your customers. Turn your Android tablet into a photo frame or small digital signboard.

You can add new media files:

- By connecting USB flash drive with files

- Remote uploading through browser from your computer

- Remote uploading through FTP

- Synchronizing with Google Drive, Dropbox or WebDAV folder

Uploaded files are shown in cycle, either randomly (on shuffle) or alphabetically. Through the web interface, you can setup various playlists and screen layouts and schedule them to different parts of days and days of week.

Slideshow can display various image, video and audio formats, even Excel sheets, PDF, HTML files, websites and YouTube videos. You can also add zones with the current date & time, RSS news and weather forecast in fully customized layouts.

Slideshow can also play music files or internet radio streams as a background music for your presentation on the screen, or you can turn your whole device into a headless music player for your business premises.

Set up Face detection to trigger customized content, add actions for keys on your remote control or for screen click in a particular zone, integrate with another device via REST API or serial port in order to bring interactivity to your digital signage screen.

Slideshow - Digital Signage - Version 4.6.1

Other versions
What's new- Added setting to turn off webpage cache clearing (setting Clear web cache on start)- Added REST APIs for action and shell command- Enhanced HTTP Tunnel performance for Other devices- Enhanced Italian localization (thanks to Nicola Pinto)- Small fixes & enhancements

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1 Reviews
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Good App GuaranteedThis app passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.

Slideshow - Digital Signage - APK Information

APK Version: 4.6.1Package: sk.mimac.slideshow
Android compatability: 5.1+ (Lollipop)
Developer:Milan FabianPrivacy Policy:https://slideshow.digital/privacy-policyPermissions:22
Name: Slideshow - Digital SignageSize: 38.5 MBDownloads: 2.5KVersion : 4.6.1Release Date: 2023-10-14 03:12:13Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: sk.mimac.slideshowSHA1 Signature: 2E:1E:5B:80:1D:0E:22:C9:22:A4:C6:CF:0A:34:02:AB:C3:31:4E:83Developer (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

Latest Version of Slideshow - Digital Signage

4.6.1Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads21 MB Size

Other versions

4.6.0Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads21 MB Size
4.5.2Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads21.5 MB Size
4.4.8Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28.5 MB Size
4.4.4Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28.5 MB Size
4.3.1Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28.5 MB Size
4.3.0Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28.5 MB Size
4.2.2Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28 MB Size
4.2.0Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28 MB Size
4.1.0Trust Icon Versions
2.5K downloads28 MB Size
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